Game Meat Products

Fare Game wholesale meat products in general

inset dummyThere is nothing better to eat than succulent, fresh, wild game with a rich taste that lingers in your mouth and Fare Game can supply any cut of wholesale meat customers’ desire.

This includes wild venison, goat, rabbit and hare.  

Game meats are generally a more healthy option. In particular, venison is a very lean meat with only 2 grams of fat per 100 grams of product. It is also high in energy.

Stress Free

All Fare Game products come from either the pristine environment of Fiordland, areas of Southland where they have been grazing in the wilds, or climbing the craggy surrounds of Central Otago. Each imbues them with their own subtle flavour.

The stress free nature of the hunting/killing process along with being hung to perfect maturity ensures the meat is extra tender.

Food Safety

Customers can be assured of the integrity of all Fare Game products which follow strict food safety regulations including GPS data of harvest sites allowing for meticulous traceability. We operate under a strict Risk Management Programme and are happy to supply you with a copy of the certificate.